By: Stelios Kentros

Real Estate Going Virtual During Pandemic

Tags: Real Estate Going Virtual During Pandemic

Real estate has been deemed an essential service in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean it is business as usual for buyers, sellers and their realtors. With social distancing and preferring not to have people enter their homes with the possibility of spreading the virus, realtors have begun going virtual during this time. How does this work? The real estate business must go on as many people h...Read More

By: Stelios Kentros

Framework for re-opening Ontario

Tags: Framework for re-opening Ontario

The residents of Ontario are anxious about the current situation they are faced with and all are wondering, when will the province reopen?  With the amount of misinformation being shared on the the web and other social media platforms, it is misleading in creating a very optimistic outlook. Currently Ontario does not have a set date for their structured plan for reopenin...Read More

By: Stelios Kentros

How to Capitalize in this Seller's Market

Tags: How to Capitalize in this Seller's Market

With the pandemic still holding consistent in Ontario, the effects on the real estate market are evident. Many who are not likely to return back to their Toronto offices are ditching their downtown condos and sometimes homes and moving further afield where housing prices are cheaper and a commute isn’t factoring in. Because of this, we are seeing a seller’s market in surrounding area...Read More

By: Stelios Kentros

City or Suburban Living

Tags: City or Suburban Living

COVID-19 has changed so much about our lives and those changes are still happening. In terms of real estate, there has been a huge impact on the buying and selling of homes. Many of those who live in Toronto and the GTA because of their proximity to work are now rethinking their large mortgages or small spaces, and wondering if moving out of the city is the best plan for their future. If you no ...Read More

By: Stelios Kentros

Why are there Bidding Wars Right Now??

Tags: Why are there Bidding Wars Right Now??

If the current pandemic crisis isn’t already messing enough with your job, your children’s ability to go to school and being able to get a haircut, it is also causing a massive shortage of homes for sale in Ontario. This, coupled with very low interest rates, is ensuring there is an onslaught of ready-to-purchase people with nothing ready to purchase. In turn, prices are rising expon...Read More